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Modern Cars

Wheels & Tires

Nothing transforms your car faster than a brand new set of wheels, and we have access to thousands of different styles from hundreds of manufacturers. Just looking for new tires? We have those too!


Whether you're in it for looks or for performance, we have exactly what you need to achieve your goals. From strut tower bracers to airbags, and everything in between, we'll have your car sitting exactly how you want it!

Paint & Body

Want to get a little more unique? SunCoast Speed employs some of the best painters in the industry and has equipped them with state of the art resources to get the job done, whether it be accent coloring or a full blown paint overhaul.

Engine & Performance

So you bought a car that just doesn't feel fast to you anymore? The good news is that at SunCoast Speed you have a ton of options -- the only limit is just how much power you want.

Window Tint & Detailing

Shielding your interior from intense UV rays and brightness is important, and so is keeping your car squeaky clean! SunCoast Speed is the place to go when you want nothing but the best for, and from, your investment.

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