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Over 20 Years of Automotive Excellence

When was the last time you walked into a repair shop, dealership, or parts store and felt like you’ve known the employees for years? Better yet, when have you gone to any of those places and felt like you could trust anyone?
It’s not very common, especially today. At SunCoast Speed, you’re not shopping at a franchise store, and we don’t want it to feel that way when you come through our doors. We’re a family owned and operated shop, and we all share the same interest in 4x4s, nature and the outdoors. Our goal is to keep every interaction with our customers friendly and light hearted, because a down to earth experience is we want when we shop locally. Upgrading and modifying your rig is fun and exciting, and we only aim to add to the experience.

Now, we know the name is a bit misleading – let’s clear that up really quick. From the late 1990’s to around 2008, we were a humble two-bay shop jumping between industrial complexes, where we predominantly focused on building performance cars and classic car restoration. We unofficially adopted the name SunCoast Speed in our early years, and as we built our reputation under that name, it eventually became our brand. As the economy began to shift and the performance car industry slowed down around 2012, we finally recognized the massive presence of 4x4s in our area and determined that we already had the contacts, resources and personal interest in that industry to smoothly transition into the world of four-wheel drive. With a bit of market research, we also found that there was more than enough room for a retail 4×4 shop that genuinely cares about their customers and good reputation. We rebranded as SunCoast Speed: Offroad and Performance and haven’t looked back!

Over 20 Years of Automotive Excellence

Wheels & Tires

Tires getting bald? Ready for some more rugged or sporty wheels? With thousands of wheels and hundreds of tire options across dozens of manufacturers, we’ll get you rolling in no time.

Lift Kits

More ground clearance, better views on the highway and effortless performance offroad are just some of the things you can expect when you give your rig a bit of altitude. Be it a Jeep, Yota or pickup truck, we have the perfect lift kit options for your application and use.

Exhaust Kits

No off-road vehicle is complete without bumpers and fenders that can take a beating. Bushes and small trees are no match for your rig, but big trees will be helpful when you’re looking for a spot to hook your bumper-mounted winch! Just don’t forget the tree saver and line damper.



We know what you want,
on and off the trail.

Our team keeps a close eye on what’s new and trending in the world of 4×4 parts and accessories. On this trail, there are hundreds of reputable manufacturers, but thousands that will give you junk and take your hard-earned money in return. We know which lines are safe and which ones to avoid, so before decide to buy anything and wind up stuck in someone else’s rut, let us be your trusted spotters.

We know what you want, on and
off the trail.


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