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Paint & Body

You can't get a show-stopping finish without having a perfect basis to paint on, and that's where we come in. When you have your body and paint work done at SunCoast Speed, you get the absolute best there is. We're famous for mirror black, but that same extreme quality flows through any color you choose.


Modern technology is making it easier than ever to squeeze performance out of your old car or truck. Whether you want a tighter ride and some more stopping power, or a bit more horsepower under your foot, making your old car perform is just one of our specialties.


Caring for a classic car is much like caring for yourself. It requires a checkup every now and then, and maybe a few procedures to keep it up and running strongly. You wouldn't go to a discount doctor, so don't bring your classic car to a discount mechanic. At SunCoast Speed, we'll get to know you and your car, and we'll help you both stay on the road for years to come.

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