Collector Car Storage

Why store your vehicle with us?

  • Gain extra garage space at your home.
  • The cost to store here is much lower than you would pay to rent a garage or warehouse unit. You only pay for a space for your vehicle, not for the whole building or unit.
  • We have dedicated and lockable areas, with someone always available to make sure your car is safe and sound.
  • We store your vehicle under a car cover, with a battery charger to make sure your car is kept clean and ready for you to use, whenever you want it.
  • We perform basic monthly checks (battery, tire pressure, fluids, etc.) to ensure the car always stays in good condition. We’ll let you know if any work is needed, and we can provide any needed service at a reasonable cost.
  • If your car does ever need service or repairs, it’s already at the repair shop and you don’t have to go through the hassle of having to arrange a ride to drop it off or pick it up.
  • We can clean and prepare your car for each use, as available detail services. Everything from a simple wash and vacuum, waterless wash, or up to a full detail, is available at your direction.
  • We can provide a warm-up and short drive of the car on a regular basis to ensure everything stays in good working order, if you choose that service.
  • We will arrange to have your car ready for pick up when you request it. If you need us to, we can even deliver or pick it up from your location as an available valet service.

Contact us today to get started and store your collector car with us!

our location & address :

440 South Pinellas Avenue Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

call us now : 855-727-0015

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